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What is FSSAI ?

  • FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) is the regulatory body governed by the Ministry of Health & Welfare which is in charge of Issuing the FSSAI License.
  • Responsible for implementation of Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006 & Regulations, 2011 in India.
  • FSSAI has been created for laying down science based standards for articles of food.
  • FSSAI has been created to regulate FBO manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption.


 We are indeed pleased to be associated with a company like Equinox whose endeavor is not just securing business but hand holding throughout to give the best service.
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Who Needs FSSAI License?

The Following Sectors need FSSAI License.

  • Hotels,
  • Restaurants,
  • Food Chains,
  • Packaged Food Manufacturers,
  • Food Sellers and Re-sellers,
  • Canteens in Corporate Companies, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Government Institutions,
  • Food Importers and Exporters,
  • Raw Material Suppliers
FSSAI License FSSAI License consultants

Anyone who manufactures, sells, serves, stores, transports, distributes, supplies, imports food or beverage needs to procure a FSSAI license.



  • Well, it’s the law so you obviously need to comply by it but what you need to know is that if you do not comply by it you got to be sure you’ll be penalized for sure. Penalized under Section 63 for operating without a FSSAI license which involves imprisonment that can extend to 6 months & with a fine that can extend to Rs. 5 lacs. There are several other sections under which you may be penalized for any contraventions of any provisions of the law

Penalty Structure Table

Substandard foodFine of Rs. 2 lacs
Misbranding/Misleading advertisementFine of Rs. 3 Lacs & 10 lacs
Operating Without FSSAI License6 Months Imprisonment & with a fine that can extend to Rs. 5 Lacs.
Unhygienic / Unsanitary conditions Up to Rs. 1 lac
Adulterant not injurious to health Up to Rs. 2 lacs
Adulterant injurious to health Up to Rs. 10 lacs
Unsafe food but does not cause immediate injury 6mths imprisonment with a fine of Rs. 1 lac
Unsafe food causing non- grievous injury 1 yr imprisonment & fine of Rs.3 lacs
Unsafe food causing grievous injury 6 yrs imprisonment & fine of Rs.5 lacs

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What do need to apply for FSSAI License?

The following are needed to get a FSSAI License.

Gap Audit

Equinox carries out a FSSAI GAP Audit, which will help you to understand the gaps in your current systems. Equinox will help you to bridge these gaps and ensure that you are FSSAI License Compliant.


Food Safety Management System Plan and Recall Plan are mandatory for all Food Business Operators. Equinox develops FSMS and Recalls Plans based on the specific business and food safety measures required. The Recall Plan is required to recall products from the market in case of faults discovered. Both these are Mandatory to get FSSAI License.

Water Testing

Equinox Labs will collect the water from your premise and test it in its in-house NABL Accredited lab and provide you the Testing Report, which mandatory to attach with the application form of the FSSAI License.

Documents to be attached

We will guide you to ensure that all the required documents to get the FSSAI License get submitted, so that your approval and license is cleared quickly.

Before we explain you How To Get FSSAI License, let me first introduce to you our Company Equinox Labs:

Equinox Labs:

Equinox labs is a 30 Years old organization with Special focus on TESTING, COMPLIANCE & TRAINING. We are working with 8500+ Customers across India and Solving their problem with our expertise. (Click here to know more about Equinox Labs)


Young , Passionate & Dedicated Team

FSSAI Experts

Qualified and Knowledegable team of FSSAI.

In House

We don’t OUTSOURCE!!!! We have inhouse team of Doctors, Food technologists, FSSAI experts, Chemists.

One Stop Shop

We can test the products in our lab, consult you on FSSAI License procedure with our Expertise & Audit your premise like FSSAI Officials

How To Get FSSAI License

You will have options to apply for the FSSAI License. One you apply on your own by by spending hours on google search for the right information, right process, right documents and visit FSSAI office and submit the documents.


You may approach some local agent, who may get you the FSSAI license by using his connections.


You may contact Equinox. We will make the process of getting a FSSAI License easy for you and get the job done.

  • Feature

  • License ConsultancyLicense Consultancy
  • FSMS + Recall PlanFSMS + Recall Plan
  • GapGap
  • Water TestingWater Testing
  • Agent

  • License ConsultancyMay Not have details about FSSAIno
  • FSMS + Recall PlanWill get you to sign an affidarit that actully help you temporarily.no
  • GapMay or May not help you no
  • Water Testingno
  • Equinox

  • License ConsultancyDedicated FSSAI Expertyes
  • FSMS + Recall PlanExperts will draft a plan suitable to your premises.yes
  • GapOur auditor will assess you & help you bridge gaps.yes
  • Water Testingyes
  • Direct

  • License ConsultancyMay need lot time & energy to figure out details.no
  • FSMS + Recall PlanLack th expertise & time to draft.no
  • GapMay or may not know how to do an auditno
  • Water Testingno

Lets compare all the three possible options:


  • If you apply directly you may spend hours on google to search for the relevant options and documents needed for FSSAI License.
  • You may or may not know how to make FSMS+Recall plan for the Business needed for a FSSAI License.
  • You will search for a lab that can test your water for potability which is needed for a FSSAI License.
  • Your focus time and energy will be consumed in NON core Business Activities like getting a FSSAI License.


  • He will not submit all the documents needed for a FSSAI License, which will create problems when food safety office will visit your place for Inspection.
  • He my or may not be technically sound to make FSMS plan for you needed for a FSSAI License.
  • You may have to pay extra to some consultant for FSMS plan then.
  • You still have to search for Water Testing lab and wait for report needed for a FSSAI License.

Equinox Labs:

  • We are not a vendor but Partner for getting and complying with the requirements of FSSAI License.
  • We are your one stop shop for all FSSAI related queries.
  • We are your FSSAI partner that you can rely on, trust us with your confidential data.
  • We will ensure that you will get your FSSAI License.

FSSAI License Fee

  • choose your plan

  • License Consultancy
  • FSMS Recall Plan
  • Water Testing
  • FSSAI Gap Audit
  • Plan A

  • Rs.10,000

  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • Plan B

  • Rs.15,000

  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • Plan C

  • Rs.20,000

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes


Don’t know which package to choose??

Fill out the form on the Right, and we will help you choose your plan.

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Prompt and excellent Delivery. I am thankful to the dedicated team of FSSAI experts at equinox who helped me to get the license for my product. With Equinox the path to FSSAI are always smooth.
bassam Mohammed Ali, Zediss Healthcare Pvt Ltd.



We are new to food business as were food related news. Equinox served as one stop shop for help with licensing, FSMS – Recall Plan, Labelling, Product Approval and other such mandatory compliances. I found them very responsive to any questions we ever had.
Sumit Gupta, MSS Trade Mart Pvt Ltd.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) Can you help us get a FSSAI License anywhere in India?

A1) Yes. We can help you get an FSSAI License across the Country. We have presence in the following cities: Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkatta, Surat, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Nashik, etc.

Q2) Can you take care of my all my FSSAI requirements?

A2) Yes. We not only take care of your FSSAI License requirement but also all other aspects of FSSAI like, FSSAI Product Approval, FSMS plan, Recall Plan, Import License, Central License, State License, FSSAI Gap Audit, FSSAI Mock Audit, FSSAI Training for your Staff, Hygiene Training and Internal Auditor Training, etc.

To know more about how we can help you with FSSAI License, fill out the form on the right.

Disclaimer: Please note that this website is not affiliated with FSSAI or any other Government Body. This is an Initiative by Equinox Labs to educate the public about FSSAI License.